To our school, we're the robotics team. However, to be a successful FIRST team, so much more is necessary than just robotics. We don't just build robots - we build friendships, skills, connections, passions, and memories. In this way, we not only build for ourselves, but help students both inside and outside of the team grow.

Who We Are

"FIRST Robotics is the hardest fun you'll ever have." -Mr. Cannon, Lead Mentor

The RoBucs were founded in 2010, with eight students, focused on growing the team in student membership, as well as improving their skills as students and team-members. Now, the team consists of 23 students, who are similarly focused on improving their own skills, as well as the team itself. The team is also working to improve the quality of the world around it, by participating in events such as the FIRST Lego League, as well as working to spread the ideals of FIRST across Mission Bay High School.

Our Team

Our Code

Our team works to make our creations collaborative. Come see our past programming efforts from competitions, as well as our other efforts for contributing software for FRC teams, at our GitHub.

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Our School

Mission Bay High School is an International Baccalaureate World School, dedicated to providing students with a global perspective in their learning, as well as broadening their interests.

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